War of the Roses


Roxanne_Bryan | Chief Editor’s Email

War of the Roses photo by Lindsay Donovan

We have no real plans to have another dog. It’s not that we want to tell her. But that is one of them. Rosie’s lovely photos and heartbreaking written information about past abuse prompted us to send a short email to investigate, and before you know it, it’s ours. This is destined.


He is not so sure about this new member of our family that he is our only child Esther. Esther Louise Rose is a miniature dachshund with imperial temperament and a sore back. A five-year-old soul is sad, and its spinal cord is more suitable for older dogs. And now, a new dog (although not younger), a little furry dachshund walking on the blanket, its tongue is too long to hold its small mouth, the breath of spray paint has invaded its territory, and the insult comes from insults, common Name-Rose. Oh, the shame of all this.

Surprisingly, we all settled well. Rosie, my almost eternal shadow, followed me from room to room, wagging her tail stupidly. Esther, the hostess of the mansion, manages the largest puppy bed. When not begging for cheese, it relaxes on the back, while Rossi chooses to pee on the carpet or rush into the neighbor’s yard to do her work. She works there. Yes, she will eventually be found resentfully. From time to time, one dog tries to hug another dog obediently, or looks at each other before inciting the premature interruption of the game. Interesting little animals, these two make our colorful team more complete. I want to know-how did we find ourselves? -We greet in a low voice from the recognition of the new member: Welcome, little guy, you have found your way home. We are glad you are here.

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