How to Have Cats Without Being a Cat Lady


Cat ladies are perceived as being so obsessed with their cats that the animal is the first in their lives. Cat Lady also remembers a home full of cats, cat clothes and a thin layer of cat hair on top of everything. Although the stereotype of a “cat lady” exists for both men and women – and there may be some truth in this – you can still own a cat and not be perceived as a cat lady.

1 Avoid owning too many cats.

One of the easiest ways to not look like a cat is simply not to have so many cats. Limit yourself to one or two cats and make sure you can easily secure each one.
Two cats are a large number to own. Cats will keep you company when you are away from home, which relieves any guilt you may feel if you leave them alone.
Many cats that run around the house are more likely to have behavioral problems in cats, such as fighting, spraying, or environmental damage.

2- Save responsibly.
Compassion for abandoned cats and other animals leads to rescuing an animal in need or taking it out of the street. Don’t let compassion for such animals be best for you. It’s easy to get into the habit of picking up any abandoned animals that happen to you, and before you know it, you have too many cats to keep them healthy.
Join an animal rescue group. There are countless cat rescue groups in the United States. These groups are dedicated to finding homes for cats in need and often include a ban policy on cats that are kept until they are adopted. Find your local organizations to see how you can help improve the lives of cats without necessarily owning them.
Many organizations also need volunteers to help communicate with abandoned kittens. This is a great opportunity to help cats in need without falling over your head.

3- Spray or neuter your cat.
Many cats (and dogs) find themselves homeless because pet owners fail to neuter or neuter their pets. By doing your part and neutering or neutering your cat, you can be sure that you will not bring more cats into this world who may not be able to find a home.
Repairing your pet also helps improve the long-term health of your pet. Sterilization or neutering reduces your cat’s desire to wander, show aggression, and get into trouble.
Reducing harmful and aggressive behavior will also reduce the overall costs of keeping your cat together over time.


4 Clean the waste bin at regular intervals.
If you do not clean the box regularly, the cat may be thrown out of the box! … you have to take out the rubbish bins at least every day. If you have more than one cat, you will need to paddle frequently to keep the litter box clean and your cats happy.
The type of waste bin you use is up to you, but the size that gives your cat enough space to move around in the bin. The litter box should not be near your cat’s food and water because it does not like the smell of litter when it eats.
Use soft, odorless residue. The scented litter is difficult for cats’ noses and can repel them from the litter box. Most cats enjoy the soft texture of the litter more than the thicker, dense litter. However, there are different types of bedding to suit you and your cat’s needs, including natural cat bedding and silica. Try them all to find out what your cat likes the most.
Placing a litter box under the litter box can help remove the litter from your cat’s feet before you follow it around the house.
Ask a friend if your home smells of cat urine. It’s easy to get used to the smell of cats and not even notice if there is anything unusual when it comes to the smell of your home.

  1. Avoid toxoplasmosis through good sanitation. Not cleaning up after a cat is a sure way to start a fire by appearing as a “cat man”, but it can also create many health risks. Toxoplasmosis is a parasite found in raw meat as well as in cat feces. For pregnant or immunocompromised individuals, toxoplasmosis can lead to severe infection leading to headache, confusion, poor coordination, and eye problems. This infection can be passed on to the unborn fetus, putting the baby’s life at risk.
    Wash your hands after changing your cat litter to make sure there is no stool or stool on your hands. You wouldn’t want a dose of garbage!
    Do not allow your cat to walk over the dinner table. Cats can collect debris and fecal debris around their legs.