why Dogs Love Snow?


Dogs playing in heavy snow

Blizzard conditions hit the northeast on Thursday, and schools and businesses were closed. The storm left more than a foot of snow – and triggered a wave of photos and videos of dogs on social media. Many pet owners in large cities affected by the storm (including Boston and New York) shared photos of their children running on empty sidewalks or playing in the park. There are some cats, although they don’t look very happy. Although schools in Philadelphia and New York will open today, schools in Boston are still closed and more snow is expected there. So, look for sweet photos with the hashtag #SnowDay! -View photos in character pets

The beloved 54-year-old elephant dies in Oregon

An Asian elephant born at the Oregon Zoo in April 1962 died on Thursday after a long struggle with tuberculosis. Paki is one of the oldest captive elephants and the oldest of its kind in North America. Before Paki was born, there had been no captive elephants in the United States for 44 years. Veterinarians at the zoo said they had exhausted their ability to treat recurrent tuberculosis, and they decided to euthanize him. “A lot of people participated in this decision, but it was not easy,” said Dr Tim Storms, the zoo’s chief veterinarian. “Anyone who has raised a sick or adult pet knows how painful this is, even if you know it is best for animals.”-Read on Oregon Live


Study: Young penguins trapped due to changes

New research shows that young African penguins cannot consider all changes in the environment and find themselves “trapped” in places where they can no longer support themselves. They did not find a way to the part of the ocean, this would be a better opportunity. Richard Shirley of the University of Exeter and the University of Cape Town said: “Our results show that young African penguins are trapped in inappropriate places for food.” “Be the first cub of this endangered species. When leaving the colony for the second time, they would travel long distances to look for signs in the ocean, which must mean that they have found an area with a lot of plankton and a lot of fish. But climate change and rapid changes caused by fishing mean these Signs can now lead them to places where fish are scarce, the main prey of penguins, thereby affecting their survival-so-called “ecological traps.” In the diary Current biology,-Read in “Science Daily”

A puppy stuck on his head

The Phoenix firefighters rescued a naughty puppy, and he stuck his head between the metal railings of the security door in front of the old owner’s house. “With a little teamwork and originality, they were able to release Harley and reunite him with a grateful owner,” Facebook wrote in a rescue video on Tuesday. When Harley was carefully pulled out of the door, cheers could be heard, and the relieved puppies lined up for the tail of rescuers. -Read in UPI

The dog delivers newspapers to neighbours every day

Quincy needs to get the job done and is happy to do so. For the past 11 years, Golden Retriever will circulate around Denver every morning. Its owner trained him to deliver newspapers on the steps in front of the neighbour’s house, so they only need to open the door to go downstairs to get it. “It’s great to give to neighbours,” Quincy’s boss Paul Golden said. “Look at it today.”


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