The owner found the culprit directly along the path of the pen’s destruction


British bartender Sophie Robinson came back from get off work and found her down pillow was killed. He immediately suspected that her cute but powerful yoga dog had not met her at the door.

Robinson traced the chaos in the living room and found that the culprit was immersed in his own guilt and self-loathing.

At first, when she started to drive and saw that the yogi-a 1-year-old Rottweiler and Akita mixed dog-was not waiting at the window, he knew what was wrong. She opened the door and did not find her happy dog, but saw:

Photo source: photos of pet shop buddies

Then walk along the path of a small corridor:

Photo Credit: Photos from the pet shop buddy

Near the corner:

Photo Credit: Photos from the pet shop buddy

In the living room:


Photo Credit: Photos from the pet shop buddy

Until the regretful puppy appeared:

“The yogi just sat in a chair and looked at me, like,’I know, I know, I did it, I’m sorry!'” said Robinson of British Express.

Photo Credit: Photos from the pet shop buddy

She shared the following video via social media, titled “Dezhou Slaughtering Chicken”.

Robinson and her mother spent several hours in their arms collecting about 10,000 feathers so as not to clog the vacuum cleaner. 5 days later, they still Find the remains at home!

Despite the missing pillows and unpleasant cleanliness, the yogi is clean. Robinson said that she threw the pillow on the bed before going to work. She thought she shouldn’t close the door tightly, basically leaving behind a sofa-sized chew toy and a pillow within the yoga range. The dog will be the dog!

H/T to express UK

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