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5 signs about alcohol you should know


Every weekend thousands of people are seduced by alcohol. That moment of drinking, which many see as relaxation, makes us forget that we are ingesting one of the world’s deadliest drugs.

Fun facts about alcohol you should know
Without a doubt the consumption of alcohol is an extremely controversial issue, but today, to calm the environment a bit, we bring you five curious facts about this substance that you probably did not know and that, depending on your perspective, will make you hate it or still love it plus…

5-Mix gets you drunk before

Theoretically, the concentration of alcohol in the blood or breathalyzer is the percentage of it that circulates in the blood after ingesting any beverage. Regardless of taste, color, smell or mixture there is; the truth is that drinking is drinking.

However, in practice, mixing activates blood alcohol more quickly, but not because one mixes itself, but because one usually drinks faster, which increases the percentage of blood alcohol.

4.In Egypt, even children drank beer

In Egypt, year 2,000 a. of C., he drank beer with rods because he had grains floating. The Egyptians were large consumers of beer, to such an extent that they stimulated their consumption at school, with mandatory beer rations that the mothers provided to their children.

3-To get drunk you don’t need to drink alcohol


Sometimes it is enough to believe that we are drinking alcohol to disinhibit ourselves. According to a study with several people, believing they were drunk, those who had not drunk behaved as if they had drunk.

The same type of effect appears in clinical trials: people exposed to false poison ivy develop real rashes, those who drink decaffeinated coffees are more awake and patients who go through a false knee operation claim to feel less pain in the cured tendons “

2-The ingenuities of the Dry Law

One of our favorite curiosities about alcohol came during the Dry Law period in the United States, where the sale of fruit juice packages became popular with the following instructions: “ATTENTION: the contents of this package should NOT be put into a earthenware vessel, mixed with yeast and eight liters of water, because then you would get an alcoholic beverage whose manufacture is prohibited. ”
Obviously, this indication “to avoid” made the supposed juice become a very successful product.

1-Blame your genetics for your hangovers

Your DNA can explain why you are more prone to hangovers than some of your party mates. A recent study in the journal Addiction found genetic variations responsible for almost half of the reasons why you may feel bad the day after a drunkenness despite drinking the same amount of alcohol as a person who feels well.


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