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The most popular vitamin D side effects

Vitamin D works differently, so care needs to be taken when taking any of these supplements to stay healthy, and we all know that vitamin D is extremely important to overall health because vitamin D helps achieve optimal blood levels. .

You may have a lot of good things from vitamin D, but you should be careful not to overdo it and avoid overdosing.

First, you need to know that as long as your blood levels are monitored, 2,000 IU or less per day is considered safe, so your dose should not exceed these.

What is the source of vitamin D?

There are too many sources of vitamin D and they know nothing about them. They are very important for people of all ages, such as:

Fatty fish: you can get vitamin D from cod, herring and swordfish
Mushrooms: You can get the best amount of vitamin D from certain species, such as raw maitake mushrooms and dried shiitake mushrooms
Egg yolk: If you eat only two large egg yolks for breakfast, you can get a lot of vitamin D
Fortified foods: They are rich in vitamin D, you can get enough vitamin D from milk, orange juice and breakfast cereals
The most popular side effects of vitamin D:

Too much vitamin D can cause you many problems and many side effects, so we will tell you some of them in the following points.

The vitamin D you take daily should not exceed 100 ng / ml (250 nmol / l) as it can be harmful to you and can make your blood levels extremely high
You need to know that too much vitamin D usually causes excessive absorption of calcium and can cause you to suffer from many dangerous symptoms such as thirst and frequent urination.
In addition to high blood calcium levels, you may feel nausea, vomiting, and loss of appetite due to high doses of vitamin D.
You will often find yourself suffering from stomach pain, constipation and diarrhea, which is the most common side effect that occurs due to excessive intake of vitamin D and vitamin D poisoning
You need to stay away from taking too many vitamin D supplements and you need to replace them with vitamin K2 supplements to keep your bones strong
When you take too much vitamin D, you get confused, joint and muscle pain, persistent headaches, restlessness and anxiety, and arrhythmia
High levels of vitamin D can cause bone loss, in which case you need to eat certain foods, such as grass-fed dairy products and meat.
You will always feel thirsty and dry due to dehydration caused by too much vitamin D
If you have kidney problems, avoid taking too much vitamin D, as vitamin D can cause kidney failure.

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